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EDUCATION -- iPADS ... Pinterest
iPad Apps According to Bloom's Taxonomy ... Apps In Class
  • Apps described:
  • Creative Book Builder
  • Comic Life
  • Pages
  • Educreations
  • iMovie
Using Educreations at Every Level of Bloom's ... Apps in Class
..30 iPad Apps Every Teacher Should be Using ... Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
.15 iPad Skills Every Teacher and Student Should Have ... Educational Technology & Mobile Learning (Jan. 2013)
Gives app ideas for learning goals:
My students should be able to ...
  • create presentations
  • create digital stories
  • create ebooks
  • print their docs right from their iPad
  • create videos
  • take notes on their iPads
  • improve their reading skills
  • create written content on their iPads
  • use White Boards from their iPads
  • record audio clips
  • screen share
  • do their homework with the help of the iPad
  • create mind maps
  • do research using the iPad
  • create digital portfolios
.. Getting the Most Out of iPads in the Classroom -- CHAT (Jan. 8, 2013)...Education Week TEACHER
...list of FREE iPad apps for children with special needs


Top Apps for ELLs (English Language Learners) ... Simple K12 webinar by Susan Brooks-Young, Nov. 2012
50 Really Useful iPad Tips and Tricks ... Tech Radar
UPDATED: iPad tips, new iPad 2 tips, and original iPad tips ... May 9, 2012
Apps by IEP Goals/Skills ... Technology in (SPL) Education
..10 Tips for Keeping Your iPad Safe and Clean ... Simple K12 Teacher Learning Community blog -- Sept. 12, 2012

(for more "infographics", see Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything--Infographics as a Creative Assessment)

e-book: The Essential iPad Guide for Principals ... by Justin Baeder (eduleadership.org; simplek12.com)
Evaluating Apps with Transformative Use of the iPad in Mind ...Langwitches Blog
There are plenty of places to find reviews of iPad apps, but how do you decide which ones are right for you and your students? Silvia Tolisano has some suggestions for you. Silvia recently published a nice guide for evaluating iPad apps. The guide walks you through six themes of the selection process before concluding with a checklist that you can use when it is time to choose apps for your classroom. Click here to read Silvia's full description of the guide.
don't_miss_this...finger_pointing.png .......Click here to download the guide as a PDF.
See also: A Nice Guide to iPad App Evaluation ... Free Technology for Teachers blog written by Richard Byrne

don't_miss_this...finger_pointing.pngiPads in the Classroom ... Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything
...This site has an abundance of resources --
    • tutorials
    • apps & related materials
    • app evaluation guide
    • Blooms and ipad links
    • iPad PD activities
    • classroom uses of iPads
    • iBook creation
    • especially for special education
    • other
Apple in Education -- iPad Learning Resources...Hands-on teachers, meet hands-on learning.
  • iPads in education
  • Guided tours -- tutorials
  • A+ apps
  • Start teaching with iPad
  • The Smart Way for Schools to Buy Apps
  • Success stories -- hear from educators & students on how they are using iPad to transform teaching & learning
  • Unlimited information--accessible anytime: iTunes U
don't_miss_this...finger_pointing.pngcreative_app-titude.png... iPad Multimedia tools for Creativity
This session will explore how the iPad can be used as a powerful student creativity tool that can be integrated into almost any subject area. Apps, best practices, and examples of iPad multimedia projects created by students will be shared. Thank you to MACUL for our 2011 grant which provided us with 3 iPads that helped us develop this project!
SEE sidebar menu for iPad Apps....iPad Project Examples....Additional Resources
iPads in Schools -- Livebinder ...
Safe Student Blogging via iPad ... TechGirlJenny.com
Google Forms and Tablets--Collecting Data on the Fly ... lots of resources from S. J. Brooks-Young
Tutorials on Digital Storytellling...
  • Storykit
  • Storyrobe
ESL Apps for the iPad ... Small Talk Creative English Lessons

Using the iPod (iPad) for Oral Fluency ... Expectation - Student Friendly Target - Success Criteria

Using iTunes for Oral Assessment ... iPod Literacy.com

7 Ways to Use the iPad to Help Students Excel at School ... Make Use Of

25 Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom by Degree of Difficulty ... Edudemic

50 Resources for Using the iPad in the Classroom ... 5-3-12

Turn Your iPad 1 or 2 into an Interactive Whiteboard ... Practical Practice, Dr. Tim Tyson.com

Make the iPad an Affordable Interactive Whiteboard ..."How-to" You Tube videos from Dr. Tim Tyson
    • Part 1: What You Need
    • Part 2: The Set-Up Process
    • Part 3: The Demonstraton
    • Part 4: Current Limitations
iPad as an Interactive Whiteboard for $5 or $10 ... Moving at the Speed of Creativity, weblog of Wesley Fryer

don't_miss_this...finger_pointing_sign.jpg ... Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand--iPad ...
Be an iPad Superstar: 8 Collections if iOS 5 Tips ... Learning in Hand ... clever features, settings, shortcuts
The Always Current iOS 5 Tips and Tricks Guide ... Mac/Life
50 Really Useful Tips & Tricks ... TechRadar
40+ Super Secret iPad Features & Shortcuts ... AppStorm
Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Typing on a iPhone or iPad ... Digital Inspiration
don't_miss_this...finger_pointing_sign.jpg The Complete List of iPad Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials... How-To Geek ... (continuously updated)
10 Useful iPad Tips and Tricks ... Mashable
iPad Tricks and Tips ... Redlands College
Fifty iOS 5 Tips in 5 Minutes ... CNET UK
don't_miss_this...finger_pointing_sign.jpg Wireless Mirroring from iPad to PC Now a Reality with AirServer...Learning in Hand (May 5, 2012)
don't_miss_this...finger_pointing_sign.jpg Ways to Evaluate Educational Apps ...blog post of Mar. 4, 2012
  • rubric and checklistfor evaluating educational apps
  • links to other evaluation rubrics

Classroom iPod Touches and iPads: Dos and Don'ts ... Learning in Hand

PROJECT-BASED LEARNING ...see how iPads can be used for project-based learning...Learning in Hand

10 iPad Tips for Teachers ... Simple K12
37 Teacher Favorite iPad Apps ... Teacher Learning Community, Simple K12 (Feb. 2012)
...learn about the "hidden" apostrophe, how to create folders, quick mute, screenshots, the split keyboard, and more

10 of the Best Apps for Education ... eSchool News (Jan. 11, 2011)


Sites for Using iPads in Education ... by Lisa Nielsen, creator of The Innovative Educator blog http://theinnovativeeducator.blogspot.com and Transforming Education for the 21st Century http://ted21c.ning.com (from "Tech & Learning")
Involve, Prepare, Apply, and Develop: iPads in the Classroom ... Tech & Learning
Technology opens doors to learning and builds bridges to learning concepts for kids with special needs.” (& ELLs)
Corpus Christi Unveils iPad Program ... Palasadian-Post
(This article is about replacing classroom computers with (leased) iPads.)
1. iPad Apps Separated by Subject Area2. 103 Interesting Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom3. iPad/iPod Resources4. Mobile Learning Integration5. Middle School iPad Apps6. iPad in Education Resources Worth Exploring7. Apps for Special Needs8. 50 Resources for iPad Use in the Classroom9. 39 Sites for Using iPads in the Classroom10. 32 iPad Tips and TricksThe above resources were found at "The Mobile Native - Teaching & Learning with Mobile Learning Devices" blog......