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... cartoon...It's a blackboard. There is no spell-check. (Andertoons).PNG...from Andertoons.com

EXPOSITORY WRITING -- "expert" books & "how-to" books ... Teaching and Learning Together
1st grade -- Teaching and Learning Together
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Some videos to inspire "how-to" writing...
How to Teach Your Dog to Shake Hands ... Howcast
How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over ... Howcast
How to Make Ice Cream in a Baggie ... Howcast


informational writing ... owls & pretzels ...from J.H.Gunn Elementary School

MYSTERY WRITING... (& reading)
Mystery Cube
This activity asks children to separate a mystery into its distinct elements, by listing the elements—one on each side of a cube. The cube is created online or you can use the cube template to print out. The link also has a planning sheet -graphic organizer to help students brainstorm their ideas. Under the section 'More Ideas to Try' lists other activities you can have students complete.

Round Robin Suspense
Students will work in cooperative writing groups to develop a variety of possible stories around a single suspense prompt.
Lesson - http://www.eduplace.com/activity/suspense.html
Writing Prompts - http://www.eduplace.com/activity/pdf/prompts.pdf
Mystery Graphic Organizer
This graphic organizer helps students create a mystery story by writing down the elements for a mystery story.
Book Report - Mystery
To have students complete after reading a mystery novel.
Online Mystery website
Students solve crimes and mysteries online.


How Blogging Can Improve Student Writing ... Education Week Teacher ... Nov. 28, 2012

TIPS FOR YOUNG WRITERS ... from Jim Harris, Author and/or Illustrator of lots of books, including: The Three Little Javelinas, Jack and the Giant, The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit, Petite Rouge--A Cajun LIttle Red Riding Hood, Three Little Cajun Pigs, Jacques and de Beanstalk--a Cajun Tale, plus more.
How did you get that idea? What made you think of that? Who's your inspiration?...Margie Palatini
For Writers (and Potential Writers) ... from Mem Fox
How I Write a Book ... Cynthia DeFelice (author of One Potato, Two Potato, Old Granny and the Bean Thief, & more)

Comic Creator Write a comic strip...choose characters, speech balloons, props, and background...from Read,Write,Think
Comics Creation ... edtechteacher
...includes information on:
Write your own cartoons.... 15 different scenes
national geographic kids logo.PNG ... National Geographic Kids -- Fun Stuff
national geographic kids 2.PNG
cartoons for the classroom logo.PNG ... Cartoons for the Classroom
  • 2 cartoons for each issue
  • Talking Points questions
  • Between the Lines -- quote & additional resources
  • lesson plan
  • blank cartoon for students to caption & draw their own conclusions
    • PLUS a Cartoon Evaluation Worksheet students can use in class, and teachers can use to create custom lessons from the cartoons in the newspapers for their cities

Interesting Writing Prompts and Story Starters ... The Whiteboard Blog (digital media & literacy)

Dinosaur-themed writing pack for young writers...Edgalaxy-Cool Stuff for Nerdy Teachers
dinosaur themed writng pack for young writers.JPG

sequence instructions to make a cup of tea ... crickweb
read the story, sequence the pictures, write captions for each picture
procedural writing: INTEGRATING SCIENCE, ART, & LITERACY (writing procedural texts) ... Edgalaxy--Cool Ideas for Nerdy Teachers
lesson idea: Go Fly a Kite -- includes kite template (Sept. 17, 2012)
writing a PROCEDURAL text...Edgalaxy--Cool Stuff for Nerdy Teachers
FREE classroom poster...download the free poster here
writing a procedure--chart. (from Edgalaxy).JPG

sequence the pictures to retell the story, then write a caption for each picture ... crickweb

read the headlines; decide if they're good....or if not, what's wrong

Surprise Box -- get your students' attention ... from "The Teacher Wife" blog ... (post of 10-6-11)
All you have to do, is put something inside to introduce a new topic (anything really) and display it in your classroom. When your students walk in, it will get them buzzing! They will be dying to know what the present is and they will beg you to tell them, but you won't. You will make them go throughout their day wondering and thinking about what could be in the box...you might even make them earn it with good behavior! Then, when the time is right, you open the box and reveal what is inside. They won't forget about it and it will be the perfect way to introduce a new concept/idea.

Next week I plan on using the box everyday to introduce a writing topic. When they write, I want them to focus on character development. For example, on Monday I will put a witch costume in the box and they will have to write a story about a witch while developing her character and giving details. On Tuesday I will put a clown costume in the box and they will have to write a story about a clown, etc.
(Idea from The Teacher Wife blog)

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FREE student publishing...hardbound books
Do you want to create a fun learning experience for your students? Do you want them to get excited and motivated about writing? Studentreasures publishing is the perfect tool to help guide your students through the writing process!

Students will take pride in their work knowing it will be published into a hardbound book for family and friends to read. Don’t miss this opportunity to create writing excitement. We offer several Free K-6 student publishing programs. Our most popular is the Free School-Wide publishing program that provides your school with $2,000 in free books.

..see also "MUSIC" for some instrumental music to use during writing

revising & editing checklist (Holly Nowalk)

Tips for Young Writers...What should I write about? ... Ideas for revising your writing ... how to use your writer's notebook ... prewriting strategies ... publishing your work (also, see www.hollynowalk.com/writing.html)

STORYBOARD TEMPLATES (Teaching Ideas)...scroll down to find the templates

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