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This book has the simplest of plots but it is very charmingly told.
Imagine a pig carrying an umbrella, a sheep doing knitting, and a cow and a donkey and a mouse, all walking along on their back legs in single file.
What else is there to do on a fine sunny morning but to go for a row in the boat?
But there is one big question. "Who sank the boat?"
We are told the outcome right up front, but who was the culprit? The tension and suspense is fantastic as each creature in turn gets aboard. The donkey is a smart critter since he knew how to balance the weight of the cow. The sheep was just as smart since he got on the opposite side to the pig. We are now very low in the water now, but still afloat.
The smallest and the lightest of the friends now gets on board. Glug, glug, glug - Time to swim. "You DO know who sank the boat" - don't you?
This is a classic children's story, beautifully illustrated. (book summary from Amazon)

Who Sank the Boat? ... YouTube photostory

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