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WIDA Focus Bulletins

WIDA offers a series of bulletins on topics of interest to educators of English language learners.
The PDF documents below are archived versions of WIDA's Focus Bulletins, available on a variety of topics related to ELL instruction and assessment.


Focus on Differentiation Part 2 external image pdf.gif (December)
Part 2 of this Bulletin discusses in more detail how the strategies and tools identified for teaching ELLs in Part 1 can be put into practice. Some of these ideas include the use of graphic organizers, the preview-view-review strategy, parental involvement, L1 support, and flexible groupings. Lastly, this Bulletin addresses how educators can fairly evaluate ELLs' performance in both content and language based on the learning objectives identified in Part 1.
Focus on Differentiation Part 1 external image pdf.gif (May)
This Bulletin provides a useful planning template and step-by-step explanations of how teachers (classroom/content-area, special education, literacy, ESL, bilingual) can differentiate their grade-level content and language instruction and assessment for the ELLs in their classes. Part I focuses on setting content objectives for all students along with differentiated language objectives for ELLs, and explores possible scaffolds and supports for different example students within the context of a particular unit on rainforests.