click here to see a great end-of-year classroom Voicethread based on __The Important Book__ by Margaret Wise Brown

About VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slideshow that allows students to comment on images, documents, and video through text, video, and audio files. Teachers can set up groups and classes as well as moderate comments, embed to blogs, and export to audio files. It is an easy way to differentiate instruction while providing engaging choices to "show" learning, engage in conversation, and think openly and critically about content. (Edutopia)

Using VoiceThread ... Edutopia

Intro video: What's a VoiceThread Anyway?

VoiceThread tutorial for teachers .... getting started in VoiceThread
guidelines for teaching students about **commenting** in an asynchronous conversation .. Using Digital Tools for Differentiation...digitallyspeaking
planning sheet -- help students plan their participation in digital conversations ... digitallyspeaking
What Can Digital Conversations Look Like .. introduces students to the characteristics of good contributions to digital conversations
Reflecting on Asynchronous Conversations ... students fill out this handout at the end of Voicethread conversations. Provides the teacher with a sense for what they've learned--whether they've added comments to the class' conversation or not.
Scoring Student Participation in Asynchronous Conversations ... a rubric--not for a grade--but a way to give students feedback on their ability to drive conversations
Embedding a VoiceThread into your wiki, blog, website ... tutorial from VoiceThread
How to use the "doodler" tool in VoiceThread...

Blog--Using VoiceThread (Lisa M. Dabbs) ... from New Teacher Boot Camp, Edutopia
Karen Ditzler's Teacher Resource Page ...examples & ideas from different grade levels using Voicethread to create projects
See kindergarten students: "All About Me"; See 1st grade students: "If I Ran the Zoo", See 1st grade students: "Word(le) Families", +more

Comment Moderation on VoiceThread ... how to preview and approve all comments before others can see them
Video Doodling on VoiceThread ... allows you to record your comment about a VoiceThread video and, also, everything you do while you're watching the video

Articles & Resources:
Using Voicethread to Promote Learning Engagement & Success for All Students ... Teaching Exceptional Children (Mar/Apr 2011)
25 Interesting Ways to Use VoiceThread in the Classroom
VoiceThread for Educators Group
An Educator's Guide to VoiceThread
Multimedia Literacy Group on Edutopia
EXAMPLES ... using VOICETHREAD in the classroom...

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great end-of-year classroom Voicethread created by Ms. Fulks' 5th grade class, 2011-12...
based on The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown