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When four friends encounter a cranky bear, Moose, Lion, and Zebra all think they know how to cheer him up, but in the end, it is plain, ordinary Sheep who might have the answer
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GIRAFFE'S SAD TALE (WITH A HAPPY ENDING) .... Alma Flor Ada; English versin by Shirelyann Costigan
One day Giraffe felt grumpy and blue. "I want to be different, to be something new."
"You want to change? I'll give you six wishes," said the magical queen of the yellow-fin fishes.
"Look at the elephants having such fun. Give me an elephant tail for wish number one!"
Poor Giraffe! Her new tail is fine, but she needs a trunk to fit in this line!
"Look at the fish at play in the pool. Give me a fish tail for wish number two."
Poor Giraffe! This tail is all wrong! She surely would drown if her neck weren't so long.
"Look at the monkeys swinging so free. Give me a monkey tail for wish number three."
Poor Giraffe! She can swing upside down, but her neck is too long. It's down by the ground!
"Look at the bird with feathers galore. Give me a bird tail for wish number four."
Poor Giraffe, in a nest so high! She needs more than a bird tail to be able to fly!
"Look at the hippos jiggle and jive. Give me a hippopotamus tail for wish number five."
Poor Giraffe! Now she's really stuck with her big hippo tail in a puddle of muck!
"Okay, you guys, I've had enough tricks! Get out of my way! Here comes wish number six!"
"I want to be me! That's the best wish by far. The best thing in the world is to be who you are."