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Jack the cat gets much more than he bargained for when he decides to build the perfect nest to attract the perfect chicken.
Here's how the story begins...
Jack the cat gathered together everything he needed, then built the perfect nest--dry and cozy and just the right size.
But the nest was not for Jack. With this perfect nest, he would attract a perfect chicken, who would lay a perfect egg, which would make a perfect omelet for a cat like Jack.
Soon enough, a chicken came along.
"Caramba!" she cried. "A perfect nest." She hopped up and laid a small egg.
Then a duck waddled by. "Sacre bleu!" she cried. "Zee perfect nest."
The duck pushed the chicken out, hopped up, and laid a medium-size egg. Then a goose lumbered by.
"Great balls of fire!" she cried. "A perfect nest."
The goose pushed the duck out, hopped up, and laid a large egg.
Jack's mouth began to water. Three eggs would make three omelets.
But then the duck leaped onto the goose's back. "Zees ees my nest."
The chicken flew up onto the duck. "No, this is my nest."
The three cackled and quacked and honked, but each refused to leave the perfect nest. They squished each other for days.
Each day, Jack tried to get the birds off the eggs. "Fire! fire!" he cried. They didn't move.
"Flood! Flood!" he cried. They didn't move.
"Wolf! Wolf!" he cried. But the chicken, the duck, and the goose would not move.
Finally, Jack stood before them. "You birds are so silly. The next farm over has an even better nest, and it's empty. Why doesn't one of you use that nest?"

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The following model sheets are from illustrator John Manders' blog: Saving Western Civ through kids' book illustration

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