The Enormous Turnip
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interactive read-aloudThe Enormous Turnip...a story about a great big turnip and a red robin

story visual aids, role-play masks, small world scenery, display banner, playdough mats

The Enormous Turnip...YouTube

Enormous Turnip...YouTube

The Great Big Turnip ... read-along ... asdcde

This story is based on the Russian folktale The Enormous Turnip . After discovering an enormous carrot in their garden, Daisy and Floyd ask their friends to help pull it out. Enter a variety of comical animal friends including a dog, cow, chicken and goat to help the two rabbits heave and ho. The team has no luck extracting the carrot until a tiny mouse named Lester joins the group and the enormous carrot comes out. The updated version of this popular classic includes a repeated refrain and bold, colorful pictures created with watercolor and colored pencil. The whimsical illustrations even give the reader/listener hints to the forthcoming events. A delightful read aloud that will surely be an ENORMOUS hit! (review from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library--Book Hive)
. Jan Fearnley ... (not AR)
enormous watermelon...parkes & smith.jpg ... by Brenda Parkes & Judith Smith ... click here for more with this book

enormous_potato_1.jpg ... by Aubrey Davis level 1.7 (AR)
The Enormous Potato begins with a farmer who plants an eye — a potato eye. It grows and grows into an enormous potato. Harvest time comes, but the potato is so big that the farmer can't pull it out. So he calls for help, first to his wife, then to their daughter, then to the dog and so on. Energetic illustrations capture the growing determination of the family to free the potato from the soil and the celebratory feast that follows their success. (review from Kids Can Press)
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(Addison-Wesley, Amazing English)