Tacky the Penguin
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Tackylocks & the 3 Bears (3.3)
Tacky, the penguin, and his friends, perform a play for the little penguins in Mrs. Beakly's class, but with Tacky in the lead role, things do not go exactly as planned.
Tacky & the Emperor (3.9)
tacky_and_the_emperor.jpg tacky_and_the_emperor_2.jpg tacky_and_the_emperor_3.jpg
While awaiting a visit from the Emperor, a group of penguins fail to recognize their friend, Tacky, in the Emperor's clothes.
Tacky & the Winter Games (3.0)
tacky_and_the_winter_games.jpg tacky_looked_mighty_tacky.png
Tacky and his fellow penguins on Team Nice Icy Land train hard for the Winter Games, but Tacky's antics make their chances of winning a medal seem slim.

Tacky Goes to Camp (3.3)
Tacky the penguin and his friends go to Camp Whoopihaha, where they scare each other by telling ghost stories around the campfire, never expecting that one of the frightening stories will come true.
Tacky in Trouble (3.7)
Tacky the exuberant penguin accidentally goes sailboarding and winds up on a tropical island, where he meets an elephant who demands proof of Tacky's identity.
Three Cheers for Tacky (2.8)
Tacky the Penguin competes in an iceberg-wide cheering contest.

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