she'll_be_comin'_'round_the_mountain_(philemon_sturges).jpg ... by Philemon Sturges level 2.8 (AR)
In this lively adaptation of a favorite children's song, a community of friendly southwestern animals, including a coyote, possum, wren, snake, and raccoon, scurry about to prepare for the arrival of a mysterious guest. As the anticipation builds, they all begin to wonder what she will be like. Will she be a "beauty" or maybe even "snooty" when she comes? Keep reading to find out--she'll surprise you! (from book jacket)

In traditional versions of "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain," listeners wind up pretty certain that someone will be comin'--but who? This southwestern-flavored variation on the familiar folk song proposes a clever, satisfying answer. A community nestled in a craggy, red-rock canyon prepares for an obviously beloved visitor: "The cactus plants will blossom, coyote'll wake up possum, / The reception will be awesome when she comes!" The identity of the honored guest? Suffice it to say that the conclusion, cleverly foreshadowed in Wolff's gouache-and-pastel artwork, will leave librarians feeling duly appreciated....This has a cast of festively attired anthropomorphic animals appropriate to the region, including lizards, armadillos, and rattlers. (from Booklist)
She'll be comin' r'ound the mountain when she comes.
She'll be bouncin' 'round the mountain when she comes.
She'll be honkin', she'll be hootin', she'll be shoutin', she'll be tootin',
She'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes.

We'll all run out to meet her when she comes.
The hens will race to greet her when she comes.
The cactus plants will blossom, coyot'll wake up possum,
The reception will be awesome when she comes!

Forget everything you know about who's comin' 'round that mountain! This pink-pajama-wearing, jelly-jar-juggling, rooftop-dancing cowgirl is sure to charm the spurs off any rancher, and tickle the funny bone of the most ornery varmint. This classic song has brand-new verses and enough "tee-hees", "toot-toots", and "squish-splats" to keep kids singin', shoutin', and readin' again and again.