Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol
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...Sheltered Instruction Strategies for English Language Learners -- a chart
  • SIOP component / feature / suggested instructional activities

SIOP Matrix ... component -- feature -- suggested activities
SIOP matrix 1.PNG SIOP matrix 2.PNG
SIOP Matrix ... from ESL, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools


Here's a short video illustrating the importance of visual aids for English Learners... (4 minutes)

Visual Aides for Language Learners - Marshallese from Matt Hurst on Vimeo.

Marshallese Video
...from the blog "Mull Things Over--A Blog of Teacher Resources" by Matt Hurst

Here's a short video illustrating the importance of scaffolding -- providing additional support until success is reached..



Watch, as Ricky tells a bedtime story to Little Ricky. See how many SIOP strategies you can observe in this scene.

Lucy tells her mother-in-law what they will be having for dinner. Watch for some "SIOP" strategies.

vocabulary picture cards--Imagine It...all cards K-5 ... SIOP wiki

great vocabulary here .... & CMS SIOP wiki
content picture cards
free photos & clipart - Create your own glossaries for terms and vocabulary from your lessons!Academic Vocabulary Word Highlighter- Cut and paste any text into this site and have your academic vocabulary words automatically highlighted!
English Language Tools- Helps create adapted texts, vocabulary builder, create custom dictionaries, and much more!

center_for_applied_linguistics.png... Center for Applied Linguistics ...
...research and resources for SIOP

Language Objectives: The Key to Effective Content Area Instruction for Engilsh Learners ... by Jennifer Himmel (2012) ... colorin colorado
  • This article includes:
    • an overview of language objectives
    • writing language objectives
    • aligning objectives with standards
    • getting started
    • next steps
    • final thoughts
    • resources
    • video clip
Teaching English Learners the SIOP Way ... Pacific Resources for Education & Learning

Education Week Blog -- Nov. 4, 2011
What Teachers Can Learn from English Language Learners
Students were asked to explain what makes learning English easier, what makes it harder and what teachers can do to help them.

Four middle schoolers, all of them beginners in learning English, said that when teachers talk too fast, they struggle to learn. That seems like something that can be relatively easy for teachers of ELLs to fix, if they just are made aware that it's a problem. Students said distractions in the classroom—such as noisy classmates—are also a hindrance.
They all said that working with their peers in small groups is very helpful, a strategy that Dr. Smallwood said is supported by research. Aeydis from Mexico said teachers need to be more patient with her and not give up on her if she doesn't understand or get it the first time. Hababo, from Ethiopia, said teachers sometimes give her too much information and confuse her about what is most important.
Elementary students from Arlington County also had advice for teachers. From Beza, who is from Ethiopia: Give us more time to read what we want to read. And David from El Salvador said encouragement from his fellow ELL students was important for his success. They all talked about the importance of being able to talk to their teachers individually or in small groups. And teachers who take the time to define things for them during instruction are considered most helpful.
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