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SIMILES & METAPHORSexternal image la_similies.gif
simile: a comparison using 'like' or 'as' ... The pillow was soft like a cloud.
metaphor: a comparison that states that one thing is something else ...The pillow was a cloud.

Some minds are like concrete....thoroughly mixed up and permanently set. ---(seen on a church sign)

College Readiness--How to Help Students Think Abstractly ...(using metaphors & sayings) ... Edutopia

PowerPoint presentations ...similes & metaphors ... Pete's PPT Station
similes and metaphors ppt from Pete's PPT Station

read online, along with the computer...
My_Dog_is_as_Smelly....JPG ... My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks ...
A girl describes the members of her family and herself using similes.
...from Between the Lions (PBS Kids)

don't_miss_this...finger_pointing_sign.jpgSTUDENT PROJECT....Mrs. Zimmerman's Learning Conservatory
The student poets learned all about using similes to describe character traits through a shared reading of the big book, Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood. We also read some of the witty similes in My Best Friend is as Sharp as a Pencil by Hanoch Piven. Prepared with a thorough understanding of descriptive similes, the students brainstormed lists of similes to describe themselves. They then chose their favorite simile to publish.
Here are 3 finished student projects. See more on Mrs. Zimmerman's Learning Conservatory website.
My hair is as sharp as a blade. Ben.............I'm as quiet as seaweed. Jon.....................I'm as cheerful as a robin. Rowan

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg
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This book has some good examples of similes and metaphors (also idioms & onomatopoeia):

Cindy Ellen--A Wild Western Cinderella ... click here for the Cindy Ellen page

Bubba the Cowboy Prince -- A Fractured Texas Tale ... click here for the Bubba the Cowboy Prince page
"Ketteman uses plenty of colloquialisms (Texasisms) and Lone star similes: “darker than a black bull at midnight,” “whiter than a new salt lick,” “ten-dollar Stetson on a five-cent head,” “chicken-fits,” to inject humor into a traditional plot."
(book review from Kid Lit Librarian)

Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story ...(Loreen Leedy)
Rufus, a spunky fox in suspenders, rudely startles his friend Babette, a lamb, by roaring "like…a lion." She gets "mad…as a hornet" and chases him, and he eventually leads her to her surprise birthday party. Leedy relates this narrative entirely through similes. Her illustrations emphasize the comparisons as each protagonist is amusingly transformed from one object into another. Children may participate by guessing the upcoming change at each page turn. Apart from the main narrative, animal spectators offer up alternative descriptions of events as they unfold. Leedy includes an explanation of this figure of speech and an invitation for readers to create their own similes. (School Library Journal)

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can't_catch_me.png (AR book level 3.2)
In this version of The Gingerbread Man, an ice cube runs away to the sea hoping to grow as big as an iceberg and bump into boats.

see also the Reading A-Z book, Extreme Animals ... click here

Water ... (Frank Asch)
water, frank asch.jpg water, frank asch 2.jpg water, frank asch 3.jpg
"Water is a salty tear. Water is a flood. Water is a long, winding river..."