don't_miss_this...finger_pointing.png ... A Year on Planet Earth ... BEAUTIFUL! ... shows different seasons and type of weather through time-lapse photography


songs & poems ... Can Teach ... thematic songs & poems

STICKER CHARTS...from Preschool Printables
sticker charts -- seasons...preschool printables
winter--snowman sticker chart
spring--flower sticker chart (color)
spring--flower sticker chart (black & white)
summer--hot air balloon
summer fun--beach
sunny summer (color)
sunny summer (black & white)
fall--pumpkins (photo)
fall--leaves (photo)
fall--leaves 3 sticker chart

seasons of the year (1st grade practice)...ixl math logo--ixl_(math).png
seasons of the year (2nd grade practice)...ixl math logo--ixl_(math).png
animated interactive explains what causes the seasons (from NetTrekker, Readability Level 1)...Univ. of Illinois, Tree House Weather Kids...includes seasons & temperature, air pressure & wind, clouds & moisture, rock-n-roll weather

What Causes the Seasons? This resource has a good deal of interactive media to explain the cause of the seasons. It does a thorough job illustrating how the sun's rays strike the earth at different angles throughout the year. Periodic assessment quizzes are scattered throughout the presentation. (from NetTrekker, Readability Level 2)

animated slide demonstrating how the alignment of earth causes the summer & winter seasons (from NetTrekker, Readability Level 2)

great tutorial that teaches about the earth's revolution & rotation Take part in the interactive questions to see how the earth moves. If your answer is wrong, the tutorial gives you the correct information. (from NetTrekker, Readability Level 2)

series of interactive whiteboard screens -- info. & activites related to seasons ...
Teaching seasons is made easy with this colorful, interactive site. Objectives and four separate activities are provided. This is a wonderful resource for a student requiring remediation or an instructor presenting a lesson......seasons, months of the year, weather & seasonal changes, how different weather conditions affect living things (from NetTrekker, Readability Level 3)

Weather Dude--Seasons ...
Especially for kids, the Weather Dude provides a simple explanation of the seasons. Includes a music clip titled "Circle of Our Four Seasons," and suggested lesson plans and school assignments. (from NetTrekker, Readability Level 3)

The Lazy Bear ... Learn English Kids ...
Read along as you listen to an animated story about a bear to find out what bears do in different seasons ; then print words and some activities to do with the story.

The Leaves on the Tree ... a song about how trees change with the seasons (Learn English Kids)

Why Snow Falls in Winter...RIF Read-Aloud Story...each word in the text is highlighted as it is read aloud
snow: Make-a-Flake ...
Virtual world Make-a-Flake teaches real-world scissoring skills by letting players create virtual snowflakes from folded sheets of paper using the online scissors. Those who don't feel like virtual snipping can print out a fabulous flake from a gallery of countless designs and start making snowflakes in real life.

sun: The Sun TrackerThe SunTracker is a program that lets you see where the Sun is in the sky at any time of day, anywhere in the world. Just click on a date, choose a place and click on the pink button. If you want to see the movement slower just change the speed.

For example, you might want to see what the North Pole in January looks like (very dark). Or you could see Liverpool, Britain and Sydney, Australia on the same day to compare how much sunlight we all receive.

The SunTracker doesn't show you what the weather is like in a place (even though the Sun does affect the temperature). Instead it shows you how long the Sun shines on a place each day and how high the Sun appears in the sky.

To understand why these things are important to the seasons you should read the 'What causes the seasons' section.