"It’s not what you do for your children, it’s what
you teach them to do for themselves that makes
them into successful human beings.“
Ann Landers

ARTICLES...for teachers
Tips for Reaching Out to Parents of ELLs...WIDA blog post of Mar. 2, 2012



ARTICLES...for parents
10 Steps for Teaching Your Child to Read ... I Can Teach My Child (blog post of Feb. 24, 2012)
  • read to your child
  • ask questions
  • be a good reading example
  • identify letters in natural settings
  • incorporate multiple domains of development
  • classify the genre
  • word families
  • phonemic awareness and phonics
  • decoding
  • sight words
...see blog post for more on these steps...

Reading Tip Sheets for Parents ...

Tips for Parents of Preschool through 3rd Grades..9 languages

Summer Reading and Fluency--Tips for Parents ...Reading Rockets
Use Summer Fun to Build Background Knowledge ...Reading Rockets
En Camino -- Educational Toolkit for Families ...A comprehensive toolkit of educational resources that support Spanish-speaking famlies' aspirations for education and educational attainment and help create strong transition partnerships between programs and postsecondary educational institutions. (The National Center for Family Literacy)
Helping Your Child Learn to Read ...
Make your own handwriting practice papers ...

CMS...District Information for Spanish-Speakers
CMS--Enlace para los padres

Language Learning for Parents/Families
Learn a Language ... hundreds of free language-learning lessons, games, activities
8 different languages in one place: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese, Russian
  • words
  • phrases
  • verbs
  • dictionary
  • culture
  • forum
  • blog
Learn a language here with Visual Link® Languages. You can learn over 1,400 words for free here! There are interactive audio/visual flash cards to help you learn a foreign language. There's also an addictive Lingo Dingo game to help you on your online language learning journey. As seen above, you can learn any language of your choice. You can also learn important phrases like greetings, survival expressions and slang words in the language of your choice. If you want verbs, there are over 350 verbs to help you with your language study. To our knowledge, this is the most extensive, free website dedicated to online language learning. Be sure to use it and pass it on to others.

Why is it important to learn another language?
Doors open as you partake in these language lessons. There may be opportunities for employment. You may get to know some new friends. You develop your brain and can find more personal satisfaction in life...and you can help bridge communication gaps that exist in the world. Learn a new language and find more fulfillment in life!

Spanish Language Resources

Various resources for Spanish-speaking parents & others...Thanks to Maria Bowen, ESL Teacher at J.W.Grier & J.H.Gunn, for sharing this information.

from Spanish Parent Meeting #3....January 11, 2012

Basketball at J.H.Gunn...Jan. 13, 2012