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About This Book
A wordless picture book about the troubles a little old lady has trying to make pancakes. "The optimistic determination of the woman and the gentle humor of the illustrations make this an appealing book." — School Library Journal
About the Author
Tomie dePaola's picture
Tomie dePaola's picture
Tomie dePaola was born in Meriden, Connecticut in 1934. At age 4, he knew he wanted to become a writer and an illustrator. His mother was an avid book lover and read to him and his brother often. As a child, dePaola would illustrate the books his mother read to him. Read More ...

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make pancakes in the classroom with pancake mix, other ingredients, & an electric griddle
Begin with a large plastic bowl and a box of pancake mix. From this point, you will simply follow the directions on the box. Allow the students to help measure out ingredients and stir the pancake batter. Once the batter is ready, tell the students they will have the option of plain, chocolate chip, peanut butter, or peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes. Begin by making the plain pancakes first. Next, make the chocolate chip by allowing the students to sprinkle the top of their pancake with a handful of chocolate chips after you pour it on the electric griddle. Once all of these pancakes have been made, simply scoop some peanut butter in the remaining batter and make the remaining pancakes. Serve the pancakes on plastic plates, as paper plates will not hold up when using syrup. Finally, have plastic silverware, butter, and syrup available for the students. The students can dress their pancakes and then enjoy!