manana_iguana...book_cover.jpg.......by Ann Whitford Paul
!Caramba! Iguana is planning a fiesta. Tortuga the tortoise, Gonejo the rabbit, and Gulebra the snake all want to come. But do they want to help Iguana deliver invitations or stuff the pinata or cook the food? No, no, and no! A lazy trio loses out in this clever update of the story of the Little Red Hen with a Mexican twist. A glossary of Spanish words is included.

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The Little Red Hen ... little_red_hen_book_cover_#2.jpg

This time it is Snake’s birthday, and Iguana, Tortoise, and Rabbit are shopping for birthday gifts to bring to his fiesta. But what presents should they buy for Snake? In a sneaky twist, Rabbit convinces them to buy gifts that aren’t for Snake at all—but for him!
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TORTUGA IN TROUBLE ...(Little Red Riding Hood)
Tortuga wants to take a basket of ensalada, tamales, and flan to Abuela. His friends decide to follow him--just in case the basket falls off his back (yum!). Along the way, Tortuga meets Coyote, who peeks inside the basket and then runs off, claiming he has an "appointment." But when Tortuga arrives at his grandmother's house, it is Coyote who answers, disguised as Abuela. Fortunately for Tortuga, his friends think of a way to frighten Coyote away, and everyone sits down to a tasty dinner. Glossary of Spanish words. (review from Junior Library Guild