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CHEESYBREADVILLE a short video story about a Puerto Rican man and his wife who invented "cheesybread"....from "Between the Lions" (PBS Kids)
.Spicy Hot Colors ... from Between the Lions (PBS Kids) online
This book uses examples from the Mexican culture...for example:
  • as chili sauce
  • as sarapes
  • as Mexican iguanas
  • ...purple as piñatas
  • ...brown as buñuelos
  • as castanets
  • ...white as sombreros
Dream Carver ... from Between the Lions (PBS Kids) ... read online
..."Mateo lived in a small village in Mexico."...

MULTICULTURAL VERSIONS of Cinderella... here for Cinderella page
American Indians--Algonquin: The Rough-Face Girl (Rafe Martin)
American Indians--Ojibwa: Sootface--An Ojibwa Cinderella Story (Robert San Souci)
Appalachian Mountains: Smoky Mountain Rose--An Appalachian Cinderella (Alan Schroeder)
Mexico: Adelita--A Mexican Cinderelly Story (Tomie DePaola)
Mexico: Domitila--A Cinderella Tale from the Mexican Tradition (Jewell Coburn)
Spanish America: LIttle Gold Star--A Spanish American Cinderella Tale (Robert San Souci)
Native American--Abenaki: The Native American Cinderella ...readers' theater script
OTHER VERSIONSChristian: The Gospel Cinderella (Joyce Carol Thomas)
Big Foot Cinderrrrrella (Tony Johnston)

Little Red Riding Hood... here for Little Red Riding Hood page --SEE THIS PAGE FOR VERSIONS FROM **Ghana, sw U.S.A., & Cajun Country**.)
China: Lon Po Po--A Red Riding Hood Story from China (Ed Young)
Lon_po_po.jpg ...auntie_tiger.jpg(CHINA) ...petite_rouge_(little_red_riding_hood).jpg(CAJUN version) ...tortuga_in_trouble_(little_red_riding_hood).jpg(sw U.S.A.)
Little Red Hen ... click here for Little Red Hen page -- SEE THIS PAGE FOR VERSIONS FROM Texas & Israel (Jewish)

FOLKTALES from around the world...
Afrida--Bokongo People
Crocodile and Hen--A Bakongo Folktale
Crocodile is determined to eat fat and juicy-looking Hen! But when he opens his mouth wide to swallow her, Hen calmly says, "My brother, don't eat me," and Crocodile just can't do it.
What does Hen mean?
How can Crocodile be her brother?
Does Hen know something Crocodile doesn't?
Clever Hen outwits the confused and hungry Crocodile in this comic folktale from the Bakongo people of Africa.
Koi and the Kola Nuts......................
"An African folktale in which the son of the chief must make his way in the world with only a sackful of kola nuts and the help of some creatures that he treated with kindness.
Puerto Rico
South U.S.A.
Juan Bobo Goes to Work....................
"What can you do with a boy who tries to do things right but only leaves disaster in his wake? Although he tries to do exactly as his mother tells him, foolish Juan Bobo keeps getting things all wrong.
(see also "Epossumundas" by Colleen Smalley..a similar story to Juan Bobo --an outrageous twist on the Southern story of the noodlehead who takes everything way too literally....)
(see also...
A Donkey to Market (a play script based on a Cambodian version of the classic Aesops fable about the man and boy who try to please everyone as they take their donkey to market).



Scripts for Readers' Theater from around the world...
...India, England, Iraq, Russia, Norway, African continent, France, Tibet, Spain, Spanish, Canada, Native American, Congo, Philippines, Poland, Argentina, Korea, Denmark)

MYTHS from around the world...
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