Give Me Five ... sight word fluency
Tape a sight word to the hand.
Put a "Give me five!" hand on the wall beside your classroom door (either inside or out).
Each time students pass through the door, they have to slap their hand on the "give me five!" hand and read the word.
Change the word once (or twice) a week.
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First 100 High Frequency Words (with voice & background music)...YouTube (kid reading)


The Use of Fry Words to Improve Oral Reading Fluency -- Teacher Tube
First 100 Molock Fry Words with audible words and music


2nd hundred Molock Fry Words 2nd hundred with audible words and music


3rd Hundred Molock Fry Words with audible words and music


4th Hundred Molock Fry Words with audible words


5th Hundred Molock Fry Words


6th Hundred Molock Fry Words 6th Hundred with Audible Words


7th hundred Molock Fry Words


8th hundred Molock Fry Words


9th hundred Molock Fry Words


10th hundred Molock Fry Words


sight word cards & activities ... Mrs. Diminnie's Kindergarten
...cards, slide shows, online games, printables, etc.
tally sheet...finding sight words in library books or classroom books ... Mrs. Diminnie's Kindergarten
baggie labels for sight word flashcards sent home ... Mrs. Diminnie's Kindergarten

Word Dice ... crickweb
Input your own words on 1 or 2 dice. Click to roll and read the words that randomly come up.

sight words powerpoint... 52 words ...Christysclassroom

Spelling Checker: LOOK, SAY, COVER, TYPE, & CHECK...crickweb
Input your own list of words...

...lots of practice--click through the powerpoints
"Sight word sets.....just click on the letter in the color you want to practice"

The Most Common Words in the English Language ... (divided into 10 lists of 100 words each)
These are the most comon words in English, ranked in frequency order. The first 25 make up about a third of all printed materials. The first 100 make up about half of all written material, and the first 300 make up about 65 percent of all written material. Is it any wonder that all students must learn to recognize these words instantly and to spell them correctly also?


sight word videos ... from Have Fun Teaching ... and ... the ... to

"and" video ... from Have Fun Teaching

"the" video ... from Have Fun Teaching

"to" video ... from Have Fun Teaching

HFW / sight words
4_in_a_row.png...printable game to practice reading sight words in a highly engaging way ...students roll die, read a word from the game board, cover with a chip -- try to cover 4 words in a row to win the game ... FUN PRACTICE!
snakes_&_ladders.png...printable game, use your own target words on the gameboard; good activity for "peer tutoring"
FISHING FOR PHONICS ...Students fish for words using a fishing 'pole' with a magnet on the end. Attach your target words to the brightly-colored fish with paper clips.

**WORD GAMES** FOR SIGHT WORDS ... sight words plus er, ir, ur, long & short oo, individualized Snakes & Ladders PLUS auditory discrimination
Bang! ... a game
I Spy ...The Virtual Vine (scroll down near the bottom of the screen)
I Spy: I created this game after coming across a printable ABC chart on the 'net. I printed the chart on cardstock, decorated it with stickers, and laminated it. I made enough of these for each student in a small group to have one. To play I say, "I spy a T" or whatever letter. Each student gets a turn pointing to the letter on their chart. We do not keep score.
MODIFY FOR HFW: (type up a sight words list in a grid similar to a Bingo card); it might be even more beneficial to let the student who responds correctly to "spy" the next letter or word.

"We also have a fun little fall themed game that reviews all of the weekly sight words and decodable words from Theme 2. We always have our kids say the words printed on each acorn card aloud and use them in a meaningful sentence.
You can even use the cards to have your kids practice putting words in ABC order."
Click here to download the game.
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