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fun, fun, fun! Carve a jack-o-lantern....interactive, online
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Halloween themed writing pack ... Edgalaxy
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jack-o-lantern sticker chart ... Preschool Printables
candy corn sticker chart ... Preschool Printables

Trick-or-Treat ...word search ... Super Word Search Puzzles
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candy, strange, children, costume, bag, thank you, October, + lots more

Halloween-related books:

A Dark, Dark Tale A_Dark,_Dark_Tale...book_cover.jpg............In a Dark, Dark Wood In_a_Dark,_Dark_Wood...book_cover.jpg

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything the_little_old_lady_who_was_not_afraid_of_anything.jpg
BIG PUMPKIN big_pumpkin_(book_cover).png ...
PUMPKIN PUMPKIN pumpkin_pumpkin.jpg.....sequencing, seed to pumpkin to seed

THE LITTLE GREEN WITCHthe_little_green_witch.jpg ... similar to the story of The Little Red Hen

YouTube Halloween songs... ... The Pumpkin Song ... It's Halloween Night ... Spooky, Scary Skeletons ... + MORE!
Halloween poems

logo--kididdles.JPG ... FREE 20-page Halloween Songbook with Fun Activities
These are some of the songs you'll find in the songbook:
  • Five Little Pumpkins
  • It's Halloween
  • Halloween is Coming Soon
  • Dark Halloween
  • Black Shadows
  • I Am a Little Ghostie
  • Three Little Witches
  • Funny Halloween
  • Halloween Night
  • The Twelve Days of Halloween
Halloween Songs on Kididdles... 30 scary & spooky songs for children with lyrics and music to listen to

Halloween clipart, photos, illustrations, vocabulary pictures

Five Little Pumpkins ... poem ...YouTube

Halloween Vocabulary...YouTube

In a Dark, Dark Wood ... YouTube

Silly Symphony--The Skeleton Dance (Disney, 1929)...YouTube

Mickey Mouse -- Haunted House (Disney, 1929)...YouTube

There Was an Old Monster (who swallowed a tick. I don't know why he swallowed a tick, 'cause it made him feel sick)... YouTube

pumpkin & bat shapebook ... ABC Teachpumpkin_&_bat_shapebook...ABC_Teach.JPG

carve a jack-o-lantern online ... Carve your pumpkin online; then click 'done' and it will light up
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Pumpkin Fun lapbook ... 123 Learn Curriculum
26-page template for Pumpkin Fun lapbook
directions for Pumpkin Fun lapbook

there was an old witch.jpeg ... by Howard Reeves ... AR level 2.8
There was an old witch who wanted a bat....

And a mummy and a skeleton--her ghoulish list went on and on. Rhythmic text, spooky artwork, and a hint of suspense will have children howling in glee as they embark on this mischievous romp through an eerie but humorous landscape.

This spine-tingling, silly twist on the favorite nursery rhyme "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" is brought to life by the award-winning illustrator David Catrow. (summary from book jacket)