DEEP IN THE Brinton Turkle
What if Goldilocks lived in a cabin in the woods and roles were reversed? In warm scenes infused with a single color (gold), the soft black-line work creates a homey atmosphere irresistible to a fuzzy cub. Readers in the know will relish his antics and relax when he escapes.

A clever twist on the Goldilocks talethis time, a baby bear invades a cabin while its human inhabitants are away.

In this clever, wordless turnabout on the Goldilocks story, a curious bear cub wreaks havoc in the cabin of a pioneer family out for a walk. Pencil-and-wash pictures bring the forest and Goldilocks' family frontier cabin to life, infusing the tale with a satisfying warmth, a sense of love and security, and just the right touch of humor.