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animated_blue_shoes.gif goat_wearing_sweater.jpg mouse_wearing_dress.jpg dog_in_clothes_(_by_Jim_Harris).png
big_hat.jpg puppy--chihuahua_1.jpg kitten wearing sweater.jpg
pig wearing rubber boots in mud.JPG piglet wearing boots.jpg

animated_bear_in_changing_clothes.gif dog_wearing_huge_hat--revised.JPG sweaters...the dogs are wearing sweaters.PNG
polar bear -- tshirt.JPG

online listening memory games ... ESL Games World ... match pictures to spoken words

printable paper dolls ...several different paper dolls with outfits for boys or girls
Choose from 30 different paper dolls that you can download and print for free--boy dolls, girl dolls, ballerina dolls, cheerleader dolls, and more. (see samples below)

paper_doll_girl_1.png paper_doll_girl_2.png
paper_doll_boy_1.png paper_doll_boy_2.png

.text generator ...

Custom TShirt Generator


piglet wearing boots.jpg