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"Short, simple sentences...tell the story of a week in the life of Cookie, a black and white cat. DePaola has deftly captured Cookie's personality in his large appealing watercolor illustrations." — School Library Journal

Cookies Days of the Week Matching Game ... -- A Child's Place

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days of the week theme ... First-School

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Turkey’s Week ...from Little Giraffe teaching ideas
This is an adaptation of the book, Cookie’s Week.(by Cindy Ward & Tomie DePaola)
Make up a story about a turkey and the days leading up to Thanksgiving.
The children work in groups to illustrate each page.
For example:
On Sunday, Turkey ran away from the farm.
On Monday he flew to Hawaii.
On Tuesday he sat on the beach and ate pineapple,
On Wednesday he…
On Thanksgiving Day, he…
On Friday, Turkey…

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