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A GREAT SITE!! must see!
don't_miss_this...finger_pointing.png MES-English printable flashcards, templates, worksheets, games, phonics, projects, + MORE

A GREAT SITE!! must see!
don't_miss_this...finger_pointing.png DK Clip Art Library ... Explore thousands of images from DK's picture library. Perfect for illustrating homework, school projects, and generally being creative.

...FREE -- frames, borders, backgrounds, thematic clipart
don't_miss_this...finger_pointing.png my_cute_graphics_logo.png... my_cute_graphics_logo_2.png
... cute graphics--free.png ... ... ... ...girl reading a cute graphics--free.gif... ... ... with red cute graphics--free.png


UVic's Language Teaching Clipart Library A resource of over 1500 images whose purpose is to provide a set of those graphics most basic & useful for low-level language teaching

clipart library logo.PNG CLIPART LIBRARY

Free clipart collection of with thousands of free, clipart, images, graphics, animated clipart, illustrations, and pictures...
For personal, non-commercial use
yellow dog 1 (clipart library) free for personal use, blogs & websites OK.gif..... bird 8...(clipart library) -- free for non-commercial use, blogs & websites OK.jpg..... bird 2...(clipart library) -- free for non-commercial use, blogs & websites OK.jpg

Carson Dellosa clipart

Lil'_Fingers_1.png spell_with_blocks.png

letter_block_E.gif letter_block_S.gif letter_block_L.gif


Lil'_Fingers_1.png blocks_coloring_1.png



Best Cartoons and Cliparts ... Inspirational cartoons and clipart from around the web


Flintstones_&_Rubbles.jpg Pebbles,_Fred,_Wilma_Flintstone.jpgPebbles_2.jpgPebbles_&_Bamm_Bamm_ride_Dino_dinosaur.jpg

clip_art_library--education_world.jpg Education World Clip Art Library
kids_with_umbrellas_in_the_rain...education_world.jpg boy_with_pets...education_world.jpg aimated_Thanksgiving_turkey...education_world.gif

Animated Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald & Daisy Duck, Goofy
... see samples below + LOTS MORE!


animated images ... hundreds in great animated by category (see below)
Animated gifs: Children, school and college. Music and dance. Disney, Cartoon characters. Animated words: animation, arrows, construction, directions, e-mail, home, new, news, guestbook, welcome and other signs, animated lines. Flowers plants and trees. Birthday,clowns balloon balls. Homes, buildings and landscape. Food and drinks. Jobs and tools. Money and business. Cats, mice, dogs, rabbits, cows, frogs, horses, donkeys, pigs, birds, hens, butterflies, zoo and dragons. St.Valentine St. Patrick Easter Cinco de Mayo. 4th of July and fireworks, Halloween and Thanksgiving, Nativity, Merry Christmas Feliz Navidad Noel Natal Natale Weihnachten Hanukkah Kawanza Eid New Year, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Snowman, gingerbread, toys. Boats, fish and sea, Cars, trains, planes, space, stars. Sports, gym and games. Pantings, art and hystory. English first names. Nomi italiani. Scritte in italiano. Français rédige. World flags 1, world flags 2, Zodiac signs.

logo--animation_library.png ... The world's largest free animation collection ...
animated_piggy_bank.gif animated_pig_flying.gif animated_pig_wearing_clothes.gif

categories: animals, animated, anime, brand logos, cartoons, comics, games, movies, music, sports, television, various
animated_hands_clapping.gifanimated_moon.gif animated_thumbs-up_character.gif

awesome_clipart_for_educators.JPG... part of

logo--color_pages_for_mom.png colored_pencils.png
"Who said coloring is just for young children? We all know that kids love to color, but so do teens Y& adults! Coloring is not only a way to use your creativity, but it is a great stress relief and way to cleanse your mind. Here are more than 250 adult and advanced coloring pages to choose from."

logo--cybersleuth_kids.JPG ...... rubics_cube...cybersleuth-kids.jpg
Over 80,000 images, illustrations, photographs, video, & sounds

(This site is blocked in CMS for "clipart", so access from home...9/2011)

logo--daily_clip_art.png ...beautiful new clipart that you can use for free in your website, schoolwork, presentations, and other projects

logo--discovery_education_clipart_gallery.png...hundreds of original clip art pieces, including animations
animated_big_smile_(small).gif animated_chameleon_(small).gif animated_volcano_(small).gif earth_showing_America.gif earth_showing_africa.gif earth_showing_Asia.gif

don't_miss_this...finger_pointing.pngDr. Seuss "character speak" generator ...
Choose a character; then type what you would like the character to say.
Then, click on "wubbulous" and a new window will pop-up with your customized image.

logo--free_craft_unlimited.png ... Christmas, dog, Easter, Halloween, miscellaneous, school, numbers, Halloween
dog_a.jpg dog_b.gif dog_head_8.gif dog_j.gif

logo--hittoon.png ...
Categories: animals, birthday, business, children, Christmas, entertainment, family, food, golf, holidays,

occupations, school, sports, transportation

teacher...hittoon.jpg monster_with_birthday_cake...hittoon.jpg cat_&_jack-o-lantern,_Halloween...hittoon.jpg

incredible_art_dept..JPG... incredible clipart & images
The most comprehensive list of free clip art, public domain images, & photos links on the internet!

Click below to view any of our 300+ coloring pages!
Alphabet [26 pages]
Birthday [9 pages]
Butterflies [6 pages]
Calendars [12 pages]
Coins [53 pages]
Dinosaurs [19 pgs] - NEW!
Cub Scouts [5 pages]
Fancy A-B-C [26 pgs] - NEW!
Flags [23 pages]
Flowers [8 pages]
Numbers [10 pages]
Other [8 pages]
Purim [10 pages]
Portraits [2 pages]
Shapes [14 pages]
Sports [8 pages]
Small Words [20 pages]
Special Days [35 pgs]
Telling Time [20 pages]
US Presidents [43 pages]
US Flags [6 pages]
Events Coloring
100 Days of School [6 pgs]
Christmas [16 pages]
Earth Day [7 pages]
Easter [8 pages]
Father's Day [12 pages]
Groundhog's Day [6 pages]
Halloween [18 pages]
Hanukkah [16 pages]
Kwanzaa [8 pages]
Passover [10 pages]
Thanksgiving [8 pages]
Valentines Day [11 pages]
Winter [8 pages]
Coloring Storybooks
"Bears In Bed" [5 pages]
"My Mommy" [4 pages]
"Opposites" [7 pages]
Coloring Blocks
Color any word in blocks

don't_miss_this...finger_pointing.pnglogo--phillip_martin.png... also know as "Pete's PowerPoint Station"
alphabet_(small).gif verbs_(small).gif lost_tooth_(small).gif


School of Disney This site is a compilation of clipart, music, lyrics, videos, screenshorts, printable coloring pages, online coloring, puzzles, games, WAV files, jokes, and information about everyone's favorite Disney characters and movies.
external image smguestlogo.jpg

Kids' Pages ...coloring pages/clipart to go with online stories on Kids' Pages website; fairy tales & fables
external image th_page-2.gif(Little Red Riding Hood)
also, nature ... food ... houses ... transportation ... Easter & spring ... Christmas ... alphabet ,,, under the sea ... children ... animals ... birds ... professions


AAA Clipart - Browse by category.

Animation Library - 1000's of free animations. Great for use in PowerPoint presentations, digital postcards, and web pages.

Arthur's Clipart (site #1) ...lots of thematic clipart suitable for presentations, projects, school, webpages, etc.

Arthur's Clipart (site #2) ...lots of thematic clipart external image TN_bakkie.GIFexternal image TN_buggy.GIFexternal image TN_diesel%203.GIF

Classroom Clipart - Browse by category. Lots of pop-up ads!

Clip Art Collection for Foreign/Second Language Instruction A growing collection of simple line drawings designed to be culturally & linguistically neutral as much as possible

- Over 1200 free images for kids.

Clips Ahoy Free Clipart - Use the links on the left to access the different categories. (Lots of pop-up ads)

Discovery Education - great photos (also 'sounds')

Discovery Education Clip Art Gallery

Discovery School Clipart - 100's of clipart by themes

Disney clipart - Mickey Mouse & friends, Winnie the Pooh and friends, Disney movies, television, sports, holidays, other cartoon characters, coloring pages

Educational Clipart - Browse by category.

Google Image Search - Search for graphics on the Internet. These results are not limited to free graphics. Please check copyright before using!

alphabet letter & picture cards Kids' Pages

I Love Cartoons

Meme Art - ANIMATED+ more

Pete's PowerPoint Station ...a GREAT collection of clipart

Pics4LearningA copyright-friendly image library for teachers & students; thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, & amateur photographers.

Sumo Paint: Release your inner artist and put Pablo Picasso to shame with the finest painter software online!

WPClipart WPClipart is a fast, clean and safe site for children and others to find good-quality, printable images that have no copyright restrictions. All the images are in the Public Domain. Ads on pages are minimal (one per page) to eliminate confusion and to make the site as fast as possible. While there are literally thousands of "fun" images -- I take great pains to find, edit and retouch images of historical and/or general educational value. Browse though American History, flags, geography (maps) and other sections to see what I mean.