From review..."The literacy rate in Farmer Brown's barn goes up considerably once his cows find an old typewriter and begin typing. To the harrassed farmer's dismay, his communicative cows quickly become contentious...(Dear Farmer Brown...The barn is very cold at night. We'd like some electric blankets. Sincerely, the cows.) When he refuses to comply with their demands, the cows take action. Farmer Brown finds another note on the barn door: "Sorry. We're closed. No milk today." Soon the striking cows and Farmer Brown are forced to reach a mutually agreeable compromise, with the help of an impartial party--the duck. But this poor, beleaguered farmer's "atypical" troubles are not over yet! Lots of fun and highly recommended!"

Readers' Theater Script
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hypertext story ... PBS Kids "CornerStones -- Building Blocks of Literacy"
This illustrated, online version of the story is annotated. Each page contains extra information about a key word or concept.
Click on a red, underlined word to see the word illustrated & used in sentences.
NOTE: There are 2 other hypertext stories on this site...The Fox & the Crow and Joseph Had a Little Overcoat.

Teaching Unit for Click, Clack Moo ... PBS Kids "CornerStones--Building Blocks of Literacy"
Although this unit is specifically designed for teachers of students who are deaf or hard of hearing, the resources and activities can be used with all students.
Here is some of what you'll find in this unit:


giggle_giggle_quack.jpg ... by Doreen Cronin ... book level 2.3 (AR)
Farmer Brown is going on vacation. He asks his brother, Bob, to take care of the animals. "But keep an eye on Duck. He's trouble."
Bob follows the instructions in Farmer Brown's notes exactly. He orders pizza with anchovies for the hens, bathes the pigs with bubble bath, and lets the cows choose a movie. Is that giggling he hears? (Amazon book review)

thump,_quack,_moo.jpg ... by Doreen Cronin & Betsy Lewin ... book level 2.8 (AR)
Duck and his comical cohorts return in another zany tale. Farmer Brown plans a Statue of Liberty maze for the annual Corn Maze Festival, enlisting (by bribe and threat) the reluctant help of his animal friends to see the project through.
Before long, the chickens are constructing a fence, the cows are painting the barn, and Duck—curmudgeon extraordinaire—is furiously hammering out a ticket booth. As Farmer Brown busily sketches, measures, and mows by day, Duck keeps equally busy, sneaking into the cornfield every night armed with night-vision goggles, glow-in-the-dark ruler, and hedge clippers.
Although the animals' various endeavors don't turn out as expected (the disasters are humorously depicted in the artwork), an undaunted Farmer Brown eagerly boards a hot-air balloon for an aerial view of his masterpiece during the opening ceremony. Along for the ride, a smug Duck is able to witness the man's priceless reaction to the nighttime design changes, which readers can view on a two-page fold-up.
Throughout the tale, the farm mice, who are taking a meteorology correspondence course, present weather-prediction charts that reflect the mood of the plot, gradually building from partly sunny skies to stormy climax. (book review by School Library Journal, on Amazon)