Chicks_and_Salsa_(book_cover)...by_Aaron_Reynolds.jpg ... by Aaron Reynolds ... illustrated by Paulette Bogan
What happens at Nuthatcher Farm when the chickens get tired of the same old chicken feed? The rooster hatches a plan! With a pinch of genius, a dash of resourcefulness, and a little pilfering from the farmer's garden, the chickens whip up a scrumptious snack of chips and salsa. When the rest of the barnyard gets a whiff of the spicy smells and want to join in, it can mean only one thing . . . FIESTA! But when the big day arrives, all their spicy southwestern supplies are gone! Could Mr. and Mrs. Nuthatcher have caught on to the flavor craze? (summary from Barnes & Noble)

Chicks_and_Salsa.jpg ... read along with the computer...from Between the Lions (PBS Kids)

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Follow-Up Book to Chicks and Salsa...
"a mouthwatering follow-up to the read-aloud favorite Chicks and Salsa..."
buffalo_wings.jpg ... by Aaron Reynolds
It's the day of the big game at Nuthatcher Farm, and the rooster is sure that buffalo wings would be the perfect snack for the football-watching frenzy. But he doesn't quite follow the recipe directions, and before you can say "touchdown!" he heads west in search of a certain missing ingredient. The rooster's quest is full of surprises, unexpected adventures, and of course, the perfect ending to his road-trip saga: the ultimate snack for a football fiesta. (summary from book jacket)
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