BODY PARTS.... ... see also "Newcomer -- Novice ELL" -- Body theme
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skeleton (bones) of a rabbit......(DK images)

The Skeleton Dance...YouTube

DENTAL HEALTH ... After a visit from a dental hygienist, kindergarten students wrote about how to take care of their teeth and made a mouth--showing teeth and dental floss...
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Operation game: idioms about the human body[Infographic provided by Vappingo proofreading services]

BOOKS related to "body parts"
I Ain't Gonna Paint No More! (by Karen Beaumont; illust. by David Catrow)
With zippy text and zany illustrations, this book turns an infamous childhood activity (getting paint everywhere) into raucous storytime fun with the tale of a spirited child who, after being told not to paint the walls, paints himself instead.
"I ain't gonna paint no more, no more,
I ain't gonna paint no more.
That's what I say...
but there ain't no way
that I ain't gonna paint no more.
So I take some red
and I paint my....
Now I ain't gonna paint no more.
Aw, what the heck!
Gonna paint my....
Still, I just can't rest
till I paint my....
Now I ain't gonna paint no more."
....books by Dr. Seuss (Theo LeSieg)
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selfish crocodile.jpg
selfish crocodile.jpg
... by Faustin Charles and Michael Terry

In a river deep in the forest, there lived a large crocodile. He was a very selfish crocodile. He didn't want any other creature to drink or bathe in the river. He thought it was HIS river. Every day he shouted to the creatures of the forest, "Stay away from the river! It's MY river! And if you come into my river, I'll eat you up!"
...but one day......the crocodile himself was in pain. He was lying on his bug back, holding his swollen jaw, and crying real tears.
Will anyone help him? .....Read the book to find out.