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Word and Letter Play

In Common
Tom Swifties
Two of a Kind
What's the Fewest?
Lateral Thinking
Can You Explain?
Coast to Coast
Crossing the River
Digging Dirt
Getting Younger
Name the Dog
New Shoes
One for Each
Outsmarting the Donkey
The Last Three
Regular or Diet?
Rising Tide
Time to Tell
Athletes in Place
Beach Ball
Card Identification
Cat and Mice
Catching the Bus
Colorful Crime
Dogs on Trial
Fast Food
Find the Bone
Line Up
Listen to the Band
Mystery Box
Novel in a Haystack
Pizza Party
Shall We Dance?
Small, Medium, or Large
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Three Little Letters
Three Little Pigs
True Colors
Washing the Washingtons' Socks
What a Genius! Or What? A Genius?
Who Lives Where?
Who Rocked the Boat?
Who Took Which?
Who's Who?
Whose Footprints?
You've Got Character!
Zoo Favorites
Number and Math Play
A Pocket Full of Coins
Average Speed
Bags and Beads
Balancing Act
Balancing Act II
Batting Practice
The Bottom Line
Building Blocks
Cats & Dogs
Clowning Around
Coffee Break
Fabulous Fives
Fill in the Blanks
Fill in the Missing Square
Five 8's = One 9
Found and Lost
Four Digits
From Words to Figures
Guess Which is Greater
How Many Coins?
How Many Days?
How Many Marbles?
How Many Students
How Old?
Hungry Hamsters
Insects and Spiders
Loose Change
Magic Square
Minus Two
Missing Number
Odd One Out
Painting by the Numbers
Penny Candy
Piano Lessons
Pick a Pair
Profit or Loss?
Puzzle about Puzzles
Rain, Rain, Every Day
Right in the Middle
Roman Values
Six Daughters
Spiders and Insects
Stack 'Em Up
Super Sevens
The Largest Roman
The Wall
Teaming Up
Time Difference
Time Puzzle
Time to Paint the Floor
Time Will Tell
Tug of War
Two Legs, Four Legs
Uphill, Downhill
Walking the Dogs
What Time Is It?
What's the Fewest?
What's So Special?
What's Your Sign?
Wheel of Fortune
When, Oh, When?
Where's the Fruit Juice
Which Wages
Wrap It Up?