BOOKS and Math...

The Doorbell Rang ... by Pat Hutchins
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Math Curse ... by Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith
Who says math can't be wacky? In this story, the narrator's teacher declares "You can think of almost everything as a math problem." And she suddenly does, believing that her teacher has put a math curse on her. For example, "I wake up at 7:15. It takes me 10 minutes to get dressed, 15 minutes to eat my breakfast, and 1 minute to brush my teeth . . . if my bus leaves at 8:00, will I make it on time?" Problems involve time, multiplication, nondecimal numbers, money combinations, and more. It is not until that night in a dream that she discovers how to break the curse because a problem with an answer is not problem at all. Children will love solving these problems!
(Review from Teach Math With Picture Books)

Math Fables--Lessons That Count ... by Greg Tang
"Now even the youngest math learners--kids ages 3 to 6--can enjoy math through charming fables that encourage kids to think of numbers in more creative ways."
Tang has come up with a book of ten animal fables demonstrating addition and regrouping of numbers while also teaching moral about behaviors such as cooperation, friendship, and appreciation. Each story is told in rhyme for each number. For example, in the first fable, the story is told of two birds learning to fly. One tries but hits the ground, while the other falls from the sky and almost drowns. But then they decide to practice together and they learn to fly. Tang tries to help readers see that a number is a combination of smaller groups of numbers.
(Review by Teach Math With Picture Books)

Math Fables Too -- Making Science Count ... by Greg Tang
"A follow-up to Math Fables, Greg Tang adds science to the mix as he challenges the youngest math learners--kids ages 3-6--to think about numbers in more creative ways. His charming animal fables will speak an interest in science while giving children a head start in math that will last a lifetime."

The Grapes of Math -- Mind-Stretching Math Riddles ... by Greg Tang
"Astound your family and friends by solving these math puzzles in the blink of an eye! How is this possible? By using a few simple but effective problem-solving techniques, finding answers to these challenging questions is quicker and easier than you could ever imagine!" (from book jacket)
Here's a riddle from the book:
The Grapes of Math
I stroll along a vineyard path,
And there I see the grapes of Math!
Overhead the sun is blazin',
Soon each grape will be a raisin.

How many grapes are on the vine?
Counting each takes too much time.

Never fear, I have a hunch
There is a match for every bunch!

Math Appeal - Mind-Stretching Math Riddles ... by Greg Tang
"In this follow-up to the acclaimed bestseller, The Grapes of Math, aughor Greg Tang gives kids more practice in his creative approach to his favorite subject. Each clever riddle poses a problem and offers a helpful hint. Kids who look for patterns and symmetries will find their answers in a flash! Greg Tang's techniques build valuable problem-solving skills--and get kids ready for the challenges of higher math." (from book jacket)
Here's a riddle from the book:

Math Potatoes -- Mind-Stretching Brain Food ... by Greg Tang
"Readers who have graduated from The Grapes of Math will find new, more advanced math challenges."

Math for All Seasons--Mind-Stretching Math Riddles ... by Greg Tang
"Math missionary Greg Tang has done it again! His mind-bending math puzzles are back, this time challenging younger kids to think smart. Every riddle in this book poses a problem. You can solve it the slow way, by counting--or you can use the author's creative techniques to find the answer in a flash. Even the youngest mathematicians will learn valuable problem-solving skills from this winning combination of clever games and vibrant illustrations. So get a head start on the road to higher math. Who says math can't be easy -- or fun?" (from book jacket)
Here's a riddle from the book:
Scary Squash
Ghouls and goblins, ghosts and bats,
Tricks and treats and witches' hats!

Scary creatures in the night,
Jack-o'-lanterns glowing bright.

Can you count each smiling face?
This may help you just in case.

Add the pumpkins, every one,
Subtract the plain ones and be done!

Arithme-Tickle -- An Even Number of Odd-Riddle Rhymes ... by J. Patrick Lewis
Do your students like riddles? Wordplay, riddles, and math problems test the reader at addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, telling time, logic, and even general knowledge. These are fun rhymes that are begging to be solved--a fun approach to word problems. And the answers are given at the bottom of each page if you are smart enough to figure out that you must hold the book up to a mirror in order to see the answer. There are 18 entertaining math puzzles that are full of funny situations such as calculating the time for a quick trip to Kalamazoo or the weight of a poodle named Poo-poo-pee-doo. Often the illustrations are clue to solving the problem so look carefully.
(Review by Teach Math With Picture Books)

Full House: An Invitation to Fractions ... by Dayle Ann Dodds
Dodds writes a book about the Strawberry Inn, and its' innkeeper who records guests as they arrive as occupying a fraction of the six rooms for let. The rhyming prose and the questions posed to students to guess together make this a fun read. The guests discover a delicious midnight snack to share between the group! (Review from Open Wide, Look Inside...a blog about teaching elementary math, science, & social studies with heavy emphasis on the integration of children's literature across the curriculum)

The Real Princess - A Mathemagical Tale .. (Brenda Williams)
the_real_princess-a_mathemagical_tale.jpg...(not AR)
Far away, in a tall, turreted castle, live a king and queen with 3 sons, 4 horses, 6 dogs and many servants (45 altogether) the time has come for the eldest prince to find a wife, but only a real princess will do--and how can he be sure she is real? Fortunately, his mother has a secret magical solution...
A delightful twist on a traditional tale, this story includes all kinds of opportunities for mathemagical fun! (summary from book jacket)
Here's a little of the text...
"Long ago and far away, a king and queen had 3 sons. The eldest son was named Primo and the second son was named Secundo. the third son was named Terzo.
The king and queen had 1 butler, 2 footmen, 3 maids, 4 horses, 5 grooms, 6 dogs, 7 gardners, 8 chimney sweeps, 9 cooks and 10 soldiers.
Now the king had a counting house in which he kept 3 bags of gold. Each bag contained 180 gold coins. "One day my sons will marry," the kind said to himself. "These bags of gold will give them a fine start in life.".........