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animated alphabet... Toy Theater
A is for Alex applauds -- Z is for Zelda zooms ...
animated alphabet ... Bembo's Zoo
SONG: A You're Adorable animal for each letter
SONG: BINGO ... There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o, B-I-N-G-O...
SONG: Letters on Parade ... Mighty Book

alphabet_7.jpg alphabet.jpgalphabet_6_(jessicadoyle).JPGalphabet_poster_(picture-book).jpg

.ABC poster...picture-book (Laila).jpeg ABC poster, animal alphabet.....from picture-book.JPG

using technology.....Make a digital ABC book with storybird.png


alphabet poster ... Sunshine Books--The Wright Group
(click on "free resources" at the top.....then "print material" ... "alphabet chart")
alphabet chart.JPG
children's literature ABC poster ... free from Harper Collins
children's literature ABC poster (from Harper Collins).PNG

make an ABC photo book ... Kinder Friends Learning
ABC_1.jpg ABC_2.jpg
This book is so easy to make but since the kids are the stars they will LOVE it!
Place alphabet stickers in the bottom corner of index cards.
Laminate and bind into a book.
Tape in photos of the children under the appropriate letter.
What an appropriate way to connect the children's names to the letters of the alphabet.
It's learning with meaning!

make an ABC baby alphabet book ... Little Family Fun

don't_miss_this...finger_pointing.pnglogo--bembo's_zoo.JPG...ANIMATED..."In this first book for children, de Cumptich...has created an abecedary of animals made entirely from Bembo letterforms and punctuation marks--nothing else. And you know, the conceit works." (New York Times)
In Bembo's Zoo, the letters forming the animal names actually separate, duplicate, & reform into the animal shapes.
..........A - antelope..........................c - crab...................g - giraffe

ABC Handprint Art ... found on site "E is for EXPLORE!"
E is for EXPLORE is a one stop resource for teachers and parents. We develop unique learning activities, and search the internet and compile additional great ideas from other sources. Our index helps you find what you need quickly and easily. Where we have posted ideas from other sources we provide easy links to those websites. Please visit those as well to see what else they have to offer. All E is for Explore activities conform to state common core curriculum standards.


Zoo Animals A-Z ... ABC Mouse ... read online

LETTER FORMATION (see also Handwriting page)
forming letters, manuscript & cursive ... Learning Page

Paw Park Kangaroo Confusion Match capital & lower-case letters
ABC PowerPoint ... with letter, picture & some sounds (such as 'meow' for cat)...Christys Classroom
THEO'S PUZZLES ... beginning sounds ... from Between the Lions (PBS Kids)...
easy online jigsaw puzzle with accompanying video showing many things beginning with the target sound (& letter)
theo's_puzzles.JPG theo's_puzzles_2.JPG

LETTER CARDS -- upper & lower case
lower-case alphabet cards .............
Reading With Kids
upper-case alphabet cards .............
Reading With Kids
ABC Cards ... large alphabet cards (1 letter per sheet)--upper & lowercase together. You can easily resize them if you want them smaller. You can also change the color of the letters. (Kelly's Kindergarten)
PRINTABLE CARDS (lower-case letters)
and Kid Zone

letter and picture cards ...Kids' Pages
external image Letter-AThumb.jpg external image Letter-BThumb.jpg external image Letter-CThumb.jpg external image Letter-DThumb.jpg external image Letter-EThumb.jpg external image Letter-FThumb.jpg
[[image:[1].gif width="40" height="25"]][[image:[1].gif width="40" height="25"]][[image:[1].gif width="40" height="25"]]
[[image:[1].gif width="40" height="25"]][[image:[1].gif width="40" height="25"]][[image:[1].gif width="40" height="25"]]

PICTURES of alphabet & objects
pictures for each letter
external image A_is_for_Apple.png external image B_is_for_Butterfly.png external image C_is_for_Car.png external image D_is_for_Dog.png external image E_is_for_Egg.png external image F_is_for_Flower.png external image G_is_for_Goat.png
[[image:[1].gif width="40" height="25"]][[image:[1].gif width="40" height="25"]][[image:[1].gif width="40" height="25"]]
Animal Alphabet ... Daily Coloring Pages

[[image:[1].gif width="40" height="25"]][[image:[1].gif width="40" height="25"]][[image:[1].gif width="40" height="25"]]

ABC ORDER ...(sequencing words in ABC order)
Paw Park Alphabet Bears (Game Goo--Learning That Sticks)
Alphabet Train Game ... Soft Schools
drag and drop the letters in the correct order
alphabet train.PNG


I Spy ... a game (scroll down near the bottom of the screen)
Paw Park Kangaroo Confusion letter identification: match capital & lower-case letters
Paw Park Alphabet Bears sequencing words in ABC order--(Game Goo--Learning That Sticks)

GREAT WEBSITESfor alphabet, phonemic awareness, phonics, & more
lots of letter printables & practice pages ...The Virtual Vine ...see ABC Cards (parts 1-7) and letter printables, etc.

Lil'_Fingers_1.png spell_with_blocks.png

letter_block_E.gif letter_block_S.gif letter_block_L.gif


Lil'_Fingers_1.png blocks_coloring_1.png



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[[image:[1].gif width="40" height="25"]]